Perplexed by Peptides?

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Perplexed by Peptides? by Mind Map: Perplexed by Peptides?

1. Diseases & Conditions

1.1. Depression

1.2. Migraines

1.2.1. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 15 for kidneys and gall blader, 10ml

1.3. Sleep

1.4. Degenerative Brain Diseases

1.4.1. PINEALON® for brain, 60pills/pack

1.5. Bronchitis

1.5.1. Stress

1.5.2. TAXOREST® for bronchi mucosa, 60pills/pack

1.5.3. BRONCHALAMIN®, (Bronchi bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

1.6. Erectile Dysfunction

1.6.1. TESTOLUTEN® for male reproductive system, 60pills/pack

1.7. Memory Loss

1.7.1. CEREBRAMIN®, (Brain bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2. Health

2.1. Bones & Skeletal

2.1.1. BONOMARLOT® for bone marrow,

2.1.2. Cartilage HONDRAMIN®, (Cartilage tissue bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill CARTALAX® for cartilage and bones

2.1.3. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 04 for the spine and joints, 10ml

2.1.4. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 05 for the bones, 10ml

2.1.5. Revilab SL 07 for hematopoietic system, 10ml/vial

2.1.6. SIGUMIR® for joints and spine, 60pills/pack

2.2. Brain

2.2.1. CEREBRAMIN®, (Brain bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.3. Cardiovascular System

2.3.1. Revilab SL 01 for cardiovascular system, 10ml/vial

2.3.2. VESUGEN® for vessels, 60pills/pack

2.3.3. VENTFORT® for vascular system, 60pills/pack

2.3.4. VASALAMIN®, (Vessels bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.4. Digestion

2.4.1. CHITOMUR® for bladder

2.4.2. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 11 for the urinary system, 10ml

2.4.3. Stomach PEPTIDE COMPLEX 16 for stomach and duodenum, 10ml STAMAKORT® for stomach, 60pills/pack

2.4.4. Revilab SL 05 for digestive system and lungs, 10ml/vial

2.4.5. Revilab SL 08 for urinary system, 10ml/vial

2.5. Heart

2.5.1. CHELOHART® for hearth and infarction

2.5.2. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 01 for the arteries and the heart, 10ml

2.5.3. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 14 for veins, 10ml

2.5.4. KORAMIN®, (Heart bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.6. Fertility

2.6.1. Female PEPTIDE COMPLEX 10 for the female reproductive system, 10ml Revilab SL 10 for women's health, 10ml/vial ZHENOLUTEN® for female reproductive system, 60pills/pack OVARIAMIN®, (Ovaries bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.6.2. Sex

2.6.3. Male Revilab SL 09 for men's health, 10ml/vial LIBIDON® for prostate, 60pills/pack PEPTIDE COMPLEX 09 for the male reproductive system, 10ml TESTOLUTEN® for male reproductive system, 60pills/pack PROSTALAMIN®, (Prostate bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill TESTALAMIN®, (Sperm bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.7. Hormones

2.7.1. Adrenal Fatigue GLANDOKORT® for adrenal glands SUPRENAMIN®, (Andrenal bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.7.2. BONOTHYRK® for parathyroid,

2.7.3. Thyroid Gland PEPTIDE COMPLEX 06 for the thyroid gland, 10ml THYREOGEN® for thyroid, 60pills/pack TIRAMIN®, (Thyroid bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.8. Mitochondria

2.9. Hearing

2.9.1. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 18 for ears, 10ml

2.10. Immune

2.10.1. Auto-Immune CRYSTAGEN® for immune system

2.10.2. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 03 for the immune system, 10ml

2.10.3. VLADONIX® for immune system, 60pills/pack

2.10.4. TIMUSAMIN®, (Thymus bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.11. Musculature

2.11.1. GOTRATIX® for muscles

2.11.2. Revilab SL 04 for musculoskeletal system, 10ml/vial

2.12. Neuroendocrine

2.12.1. ENDOLUTEN® for neuroendocrine system

2.12.2. Revilab SL 03 for immune and neuroendocrine systems, 10ml/vial

2.12.3. EPIPHAMIN®, (Endocrine bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.13. Nervous System

2.13.1. CERLUTEN® for brain and nervous tissue

2.13.2. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 02 for the central and peripheral nervous system, 10ml

2.13.3. Revilab SL 02 for nervous system, 10ml/vial

2.14. Organs

2.14.1. Pancreas PEPTIDE COMPLEX 07 for pancreas, 10ml SUPREFORT® for pancreas, 60pills/pack PANCRAMIN®, (Pancreas bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.14.2. Liver OVAGEN® for liver, 60pills/pack PEPTIDE COMPLEX 08 for liver, 10ml SVETINORM® for liver, 60pills/pack GEPATAMIN®, (Liver bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.14.3. Kidney PEPTIDE COMPLEX 15 for kidneys and gall blader, 10ml PIELOTAX® for kidneys, 60pills/pack RENISAMIN®, (Kidneys bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.15. Respiratory System

2.15.1. HONLUTEN® for respiratory system

2.15.2. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 12 for the lungs and respiratory system, 10ml

2.15.3. Revilab SL 06 for respiratory system, 10ml/vial

2.15.4. BRONCHALAMIN®, (Bronchi bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill

2.16. Skin

2.16.1. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 13 for skin, 10ml

2.16.2. Revilab Anti-A.G.E., 300mg/cap, 30 caps per pack

2.17. Vision

2.17.1. PEPTIDE COMPLEX 17 for eyes, 10ml

2.17.2. VISOLUTEN® for eyes, 60pills/pack

2.17.3. OPHTALAMIN®, (Eyes bioregulator) 40pills/pack, 155mg/pill