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Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspective
to Curriculum Content
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Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content


Nativist: the "nature" part of language and it helps develop language development. For example, it’s a capabilities we are all born with we have no chance of changing it just molding it.


Cognitive Development: is the first stage of sensor motor stage and grow their interaction threw this development; for example, when a child understands objects they will understand words.


Behaviorist: "nurture" part of language and its helps build responses around stimuli and other reinforcements. For example, learning speech and phrases in language development.

Vygotsky, Bruner & Halliday

Interactions: is when a child interacts with other children and starts to develop language development knowledge threw this perspective. For example, having two children interact with each other will allow both of them to learn new social understanding and language development and communication.