How to Use Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

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How to Use Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool by Mind Map: How to Use Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool

1. The basics:

1.1. Open an account


1.1.2. choose a fun name or use your own

1.1.3. post a pict of yourself

2. What is twitter?

2.1. Microblogging Service

2.1.1. Only allows 140 Characters

2.1.2. Short and sweet conversations!

2.1.3. What you write is a "tweet"

2.2. Friends

2.2.1. You follow people

2.2.2. Hopefully they follow you Roughly 30% will...


2.3.1. Why do they follow you? New node

3. How to get followers?

3.1. They know you...

3.1.1. good for just conversations

3.1.2. This is best used if you are a celebraty

3.2. They like what you have to say...

3.2.1. or what you post interesting articles

3.3. Other things build exposure

3.3.1. Blogs, books, other media you own

3.3.2. Add you twitter link to everything Brochures, cards, etc.

4. What do you say?

4.1. Something funny

4.2. Something interesting

4.3. Something inspiring

4.4. Don't talk about your cat or how bored you are. Who cares about that.

4.5. Your tweets don't have to be yours

4.5.1. Share others interesting info too

5. Expertise

5.1. Builds social capital and credibility

5.2. Twitter is great to share your guru-ness

6. Tools?

6.1. Use Twitter itself via the web

6.2. Use Twitter applications on smartphone and computer.

6.2.1. Tweetdeck

6.2.2. Seesmic

6.2.3. Hootsuite

7. Time Management Tips

7.1. Biggest compliaint is I don't have time for this...

7.1.1. But can you afford not to?

7.2. Simple TM Tips

7.2.1. Tweet 1 x / Day blog posts events special offers

7.2.2. Retweet others tweets builds collaboration

7.2.3. My personal axiom If I read it, I tweet it Use web site share buttons

8. Created by: Ron Huxley

8.1. Twitter: @thirstyfishinfo

8.2. Linkedin: