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George Seurat by Mind Map: George Seurat
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George Seurat


Born December 2nd 1859

Born in Paris

Studied art with sculptor Justin Lequin

Spent year in Brest Military Service

Returned to Paris 1880

1880-1882 studied Black & White Drawing

1883 First painting Bathers at Asnieres rejected by Paris Salon

Died 1891


met artist Paul Signac

told Signac of style of Pointillism

Signac began painting in same fashion

style of painting involving dots of paint not brushstrokes

1884-1886 first pointillist painting Sunday afternoon at the island of La Grande Jatte


1886 Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte

1888 The Siene at La Grande Jatte

1889 The Eiffel Tower

Post Impressionist Artists

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