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Donald Trump by Mind Map: Donald Trump

1. Donald Trumps "fake news" crying:

2. Donald Trumps followers think Trump will "save" America from war and problems.

3. @realDonaldTrump

4. Why people follow him

4.1. There are two main theories of Trump's support. One is that a large minority of Americans — 40 percent, give or take — are "racist idiots".

5. Why people dont follow him

5.1. The other 60% (about) percent think that Donald Trump is quote on quote: "Leading America to it's grave." Apparently, Donald Trump is spending wat to much money on useless things like building a "wall" and spending money on his Trump tower and himself.

6. Is Donald Trump a successful president?

7. Instructing federal agencies to weaken Obamacare

7.1. In one of his first actions as president, Trump issued a directive to the Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies involved in managing the healthcare system.

8. Travel ban

8.1. It included: suspension of refugee programme for 120 days, and cap on 2017 numbers indefinite ban on Syrian refugees ban on anyone arriving from seven Muslim-majority countries, with certain exceptions cap of 50,000 refugees The effect was felt at airports in the US and around the world as people were stopped boarding US-bound flights or held when they landed in the US. Immediate impact: Enacted pretty much straight away. But there are battles ahead. Federal judges brought a halt to deportations, and legal rulings appear to have put an end to the travel ban - much to the president's displeasure.

9. Business regulations

9.1. "An attempt to cut down on the burden of small businesses."

10. Saying teachers should carry firearms at school to "protect"students.

11. A wall against the Mexicans

12. Are Donald Trumps followers fake? Reports show that almost half his social media followers are fake.

13. Bad Decisions

14. Donald Trumps Social Medias