Developing Countries

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Developing Countries by Mind Map: Developing Countries

1. Wealth

1.1. Liberal Economics (Domestic Level)

1.1.1. Domestic Structures market-based impersonal norms individual=main unit

1.1.2. Market - based exchanges

1.1.3. Open Markets Adopt the principle Relinquish control

1.1.4. Sach's Checklist open international trade currency convertibility private ownership as main engine corporate ownership as main org. format openness to FDI membership in key IGOs

1.2. International Regimes (Intl. Level)

1.2.1. Buy In

1.2.2. Become a member

1.2.3. Comply w. rules

1.2.4. No need to change

1.3. Goals

1.3.1. individual wealth

1.3.2. rule of law freedom democracy property rights

2. Power & Control

2.1. Regime-based exchanges

2.1.1. safe

2.1.2. predictable

2.2. Controlled economy

2.2.1. structures of power

2.2.2. societal stability

2.3. Strategy

2.3.1. Change Rules of regimes

2.3.2. adfirm sovereignty increases stability keeps other actors out

2.3.3. Success function of: 1. Nature of Existing structure 2. Ability to formulate coherent system of ideas 3. Attitude and power of North

2.4. why?

2.4.1. International weakness inability to influence limited power (overall)

2.4.2. Internal underdevelopment inability to adjust Domestic Structures Status - based Social rigidity Political Weakness

2.5. exceptions

2.5.1. Asian Tigers + China

2.5.2. OPEC