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Developing Countries by Mind Map: Developing Countries
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Developing Countries


Liberal Economics (Domestic Level)

Domestic Structures, market-based, impersonal norms, individual=main unit

Market - based exchanges

Open Markets, Adopt the principle, Relinquish control

Sach's Checklist, open international trade, currency convertibility, private ownership as main engine, corporate ownership as main org. format, openness to FDI, membership in key IGOs

International Regimes (Intl. Level)

Buy In

Become a member

Comply w. rules

No need to change


individual wealth

rule of law, freedom, democracy, property rights

Power & Control

Regime-based exchanges



Controlled economy

structures of power

societal stability


Change Rules of regimes

adfirm sovereignty, increases stability, keeps other actors out

Success function of:, 1. Nature of Existing structure, 2. Ability to formulate coherent system of ideas, 3. Attitude and power of North


International weakness, inability to influence, limited power (overall)

Internal underdevelopment, inability to adjust, Domestic Structures, Status - based, Social rigidity, Hierarchy in groups, Personal norms, Economic activity depends on group membership, Ontology focuses on discrete, Zero-sum society, Political Weakness, limited ability to tax, units do not mix well, limited / ineffective bureaucracy, fewer policy instruments, harder to adjust, Limited authoriy / legitimacy, high political unrest, high likelihood of instability (coups)


Asian Tigers + China