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reegle LOD thesaurus by Mind Map: reegle LOD thesaurus
5.0 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5

reegle LOD thesaurus

consists of

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Climate Compatible Development


specialist search engine

extensive glossary

tagging system

build with

is available

in W3C standard

free to re-use

human and machine readable

as wordpress plug-in

as widget

reegle API for automated tagging


more users

over 200,000 visits/month at since start LOD technologies

living example of Linked Open Data philosophy

one-stop clean energy and climate information gateway

added value for blogs

re-use for increased efficiency

best paper award ISESS 2011

2nd place at Green Plug Gala

runner up for Energy Globe Award 2013

new base for future funding/projects


have synonyms

have semantic context-relations

have definitions

are linked with

latest services based on thesaurus


research interested parties

communication outreach/marketing

API for text extraction to tag and categorize documents

content pool to connect related web resources across data silos

possible re-users

weADAPT wiki




REDD related websites