Picnic08: Loic Lemeur 3 phases of internet

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Picnic08: Loic Lemeur 3 phases of internet by Mind Map: Picnic08: Loic Lemeur  3 phases of internet

1. Web 3.0 ???

1.1. Picnic08: Loic Lemeur The Instant Web

1.1.1. Twitter.com

1.1.2. Seesmic.com

1.2. Picnic08: Rafi Haladjian The Internet of Things

1.2.1. Violet.fr

1.2.2. Tikitag.com

2. Web 1.0: user generated content

2.1. users PUBLISH content

2.1.1. easy CMS, blogging

2.1.2. weakness: identity "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog" Picnic08: Géraldine Bell: "It lies in men's nature to lie. So we lie online." confessions e.g. postsecret.blogspot.com

2.1.3. opportunity: Measurement & data mining: a marketeers gold dream (?)

2.2. users DISTRIBUTE content

2.2.1. google.com: findable content

2.2.2. YouTube.com: webvideo (not just text)

2.2.3. content syndication & RSS

2.2.4. copyright and digital rights management issues

2.2.5. e-mail: opt-in legislation, spam, newsletters

3. Web 2.0 collaborative web and/or social web

3.1. wikis

3.1.1. Picnic08 Clay Shirky: "Groups are not efficient" (e.g. flame wars)


3.2.1. "Join the conversation"

3.2.2. "Start the conversation"

3.3. myth debunking

3.3.1. "Transparancy terror" e.g. Photoshop Disasters

3.3.2. e.g. youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com

3.4. social networks

3.4.1. Spectacular growth of user base in 2007 myspace, netlog, facebook, hyves, ...

3.4.2. Difficult business model Attractive to users but not to advertisers

3.4.3. "Social currency" Status, mood, location Pictures, e.g. Flickr.com Event, e.g. abconcerts.be Memes, e.g. lolcats Games, e.g. clubpenguin.com, scrabulous, Nike challenge Picnic08 "Social Gaming"

3.4.4. Activism, mobilise people Picnic08 Clay Shirky: "Social networks work well for collective action." Picnic08 Michael Tchao: Nike's Human Race Picnic08 Ethan Zuckerman: afrigadget.com Picnic08 water cooler: Jointhepipe.org

3.5. art

3.5.1. Picnic08: Aaron Koblin: "The Sheepmarket"

3.5.2. Picnic07: Jonathan Harris Wefeelfine.org