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Gaming by Mind Map: Gaming

1. Gaming Titles(some)

1.1. The legend of Zelda:Breath of wild

1.2. Fortnite

1.3. Resident Evil Series

2. Competitions

2.1. E3

2.2. Evo

2.3. 3 World pump festival

3. Genres

3.1. third person shooters

3.2. horror

3.3. Action-adventure

4. Origins

4.1. Gaming first started in the 1970s with arcades being very popular.

4.2. In 1972,Atari produced pong to arcades that were new at the time and was the first succesful commercial video game.

4.3. Later in in 1972,Consoles would begin to be famous with the Magavox odyssey being the first gaming console.

4.4. After the North American Video game crash of 1983 that led to bankruptcy for most gaming companies,It was a battle between Nintendo and Atari.

4.5. As if it was not obvious, Nintendo won the battle selling NES and a handheld device called a game boy.Atari couldnt compete.

4.6. Now the current generation of Gaming is way more avanced than before with VR and more modern controllers making way to a whole new way of gaming.

4.7. Most video game companies originated in Japan with Nintendo and Sony being the some of the top companies today along side Microsoft.

5. gaming platforms

5.1. PC

5.1.1. Depends on Pc: Apple,HP,Acer,Etc..

5.2. Console

5.2.1. Nintendo Switch,Xbox one(s),PS4

5.3. Mobile gaming

5.3.1. Apple

5.3.2. Android