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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Parents: They got friends that could probably hook me up with some work if need be

2. Friends (Zander and Levi) They can help me get a job at urban planet if needed

3. My employer Deb: Can learn more about retail and learn about what happens behind the scenes of the job

4. My uncle Shane: He is an architect so I could talk to him about his job

5. School counselor Could help me find a job for the summer if need be

6. My brother Jordan: He studied engineering so I could talk to him about engineering and decide if that is a job I would like to go into

7. Mr Carlson: I could always ask him for some advice or help if I ever need to

8. Mr sloan: I like physics so if I ever want a job that involved physics I could ask him

9. The Principles: They probably know alot of people so i could ask them and see if they can hook me up with a job

10. Friend Kai: He workd as a lifeguard so I can as khim more information about the job

11. My Grandma: If I can't find a job in kelowna I could go live with my grandma during the summer and find a place to work

12. Tennis coach Willie: I could try to contact my tennis coach from a long time ago and talk to him about what it's like being a coach

13. Brother's friend David: he is working at a camp ground in peachland and he could possibly help me get a job there

14. Provincial manager for Pharmasave: I could ask her more about how to manage stores around the provincve and what goes into the job

15. My Mom's friend redge: he works with a police dog and i can talk to him about how he managed to acheive his career