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Arvel's Map by Mind Map: Arvel
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Arvel's Map

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

What can you tell me about yourself?

Sapotaweyak Cree Nation #314

How SCN used to look! (aerial view)

all the way through sap...

health office

band office

band hall

log house

the Loonie Bin

The Northern store



my house

my favorite places, "The Salty Rocks", The Anglican Church Graveyard

my goals and ideals for Sapotaweyak Cree Nation

University 1 Classmates

chaz sakayigun

serena kematch

flora jane genaille

caroline chartrand

raven stevens

lindsey quill

frances cook

felicia "peanut"stevens

shawna kematch

genveive cook

rosie munro

arvel cook

My activity 1


idea 1



Arvel's family Tree (Maternal)

Johnny and Mina Cook (nee Sinclair)

Matilda Genaille, Vincent Young, Quaron Young, Tanner Young, Trey Young, Hanson Young, Vinny Young, Jason Young, Montana Young, Milton Kematch, Jackson Young, Conway Cook, Evangeline Cook, Ethan Cook, Shelby Cook, Christopher Stevens, Jayden Cook

Louisa Moore(deceased), Alexandria Mink-Ewen, Sebastian Mink, Rikki Mink, Larissa Ewen, Kennedy Ewen, Tommy Lee Ewen, Nikki Ewen, Margaret Ewen, Wilfred Ewen Jr., Philip Mink Jr., Arvel Mink-Cook, Horizyne Mink, Lyric Mink, Gabriel Mink (deceased), Zander Mink (deceased), George Moore Jr., Melva Moore, Aurora Moore-Kematch, Mayekan Moore-Kematch, Kaleb Kematch, Louisa Kematch

Rose Genaille(deceased), Rochelle Cook, Joseph Cook, Charlotte Cook, Littlewind Sakayigun, Carlos Cook, Aaron Cook, Augustine Cook, Carmelita Cook, Serenity Cook, New node, New node, Dana Genaille, New node, New node, New node, Tammy Genaille, Carson Stevens, Cassidy Stevens, Deanna Genaille, Deandra Genaille, Baby 2, having a baby.., Hank Genaille, BJ Genaille, Walter Cook

Lambert Cook, Maxine Munro, Deanna Munro(deceased), Layne Munro, Shantell Munro, Angeline Munro, Hunter Munro, Corliss Stevens, Aaron Cook, Raven Cook, Errol Cook, Coral Cook, Whitecloud Cook, Luca Cook, Joshua Cook, Chavez George, Trinity George, Callista George, Dimitri George, Dallas Brass, Lindsey Cook, Bearwalk Cook, Kyle Cook, Leanne Cook, Tyson Brass, Johnny Gott, baby 1

Henry Cook, Tessa Kematch, Emmanuel Kematch, Jeffrey Cook, Makayla Cook, Johnny Cook, Hilary Cook, Shandi Cook, Leshea Cook, Naturelle Cook, Reyden Cook, Sariah Cook

Ovide Cook, Wayne Cook, Illyria Cook, Eileen Cook, Satina Cook, Christina Cook, Baby girl, Tallulah Cook

Lisa Cook, Dillon Cook, Darci Quill (deceased), Hayden Quill, Justina Cook, Madison Cook, Adrian Cook, Mina Rose Pruden, Oshea Pruden, Deshawn Pruden, Amber Pruden, Jimmy Pruden

Wanda Cook, Cheryl Cook, Cole Cook, Summer Cook, Sage Cook, Lucas Cook, Jonah Cook (deceased), Theoron Cook, Gage Cook, RedSky Cook, Crystal Cook, Wind Dancer Cook, Daylin Cook, Creelyn, William Cook, Billy Cook, Christian Cook

Leroy Cook, Francine Cook, Lytrell Cook

Gilbert Cook, Christina Campeau, Julie Cook-Gott, Cleo Cook, Baby 2, Baby 3, Baby 4, Lori Campeau, Brian Campeau, Thomas Cook

Deano Cook, Dakota Cook, Heavenleigh Cook, having a baby, Jordan Cook, Mitchell Cook, Chelsea Cook, Waseskan Genaille, Chenielle Genaille, Jonas Cook, Larissa Cook, Leslie Cook

Pearly Cook, Destiny Gott, Tamara Gott, Chandler Gott

Claris Chartier, Sterling Chartier, Florence Chartier, Alexa Chartier, Nolan Chartier, Rose Turner, Tristan Turner, Rosie Turner, George Chartier, Valentina Chartier

Word List For IT

Real Simple Syndicator



ex. twitter

Web browser addon

Screen Shot

is an image taken by the computer to record the visible items displayed on the monitor. Screenshots can be used to demonstrate a program, a particular problem a user might be having or generally when display output needs to be shown to others or archived.


What is the difference between a web browser and a search engine?

a web browser is the site you are on

New node

Education Interview

my questions

Who are some people who have had a great impact on your education?, Why did they make such an impact on you?

What is your philosophy towards education?

Do you want to teach?, If so, why and what grade?, If no, why and what do you want to do?

What are your views on teaching?, How does that compare with how you were taught as a child?

As a student attending university courses..., What are you strengths?, What are your weaknesses?, Give me an example of an accomplishment you are proud of?, Name three adjectives that describe you?, New node

In your opinion, what are the biggest educational challenges we face in Sapotaweyak?, What are the biggest problems in our culture today?

What did you think of this course?, What is the offical name of this course?


New node