Triggers for 'just in time' (JIT) contextualized training

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Triggers for 'just in time' (JIT) contextualized training by Mind Map: Triggers for 'just in time' (JIT) contextualized training

1. Physical proximity to a fixed physical items.

1.1. Scanning of QR codes could take learners to nuggets of information relating to to that item.

1.2. An increase in NFC technology would allow the same type of learning nuggets to be delivered as a QR code would.

1.3. Been used in museums for some time for educational purposes - headset audio plays when near a certain painting for example. Uses RFID I think? (or user selected - more active on part of user - familiarity with system required - look for the numbered lable on the item and press that code on the device)

1.4. Geofencing or connection to a mobile base station- e.g. when in the area of a nano cell or femto cell advice specific to that location could appear as a notification on an iOS device.

2. Electronic diary entries would include key words which would trigger contextualized learning resources for those involved in...

2.1. Electronic diary entries would include key words which trigger contextualized learning resources.

2.2. e.g. surgical staff could be directed to role specific reminders i.e. anaesthetists, surgeons, nurses etc

2.3. e.g. 'Appraisal' triggers a list of 'must cover' items for both parties or a short talking head vid clip describing best practice

3. Geographical proximity to a location

3.1. A salesman travelling to a potential client would receive client specific info and contextual sales reminders once they are within a certain radius of a pre-determined location.

3.2. Montiored via GPS

4. Voice recognition

4.1. Spoken word into mobile device searches tagged learning resources and provides potential solutions.

5. Motion detection

5.1. When an individual is within a certain proximity to an 'asset' an automatic video is played on a screen or audio is played over a speaker. This wouldn't be targeting individuals but would be a 'catch all' solution.

6. System function

6.1. Eg contextualized systems training, open new Lead in CRM tool and offered up nuggets on Lead Management best practice.

7. Product shipment to stores

7.1. Retail sector: Shipment leaves warehouse, store staff receive training on any products that will be new to their store.

8. Business rules / Metrics

8.1. Training kicks in when certain metric is either not met or exceeded. E.g. in sales could be related to low win rates or sales made, in call centres could be low number of calls made, etc. Would need to tie into business intelligence system, all sorts of business rules could trigger training.

9. "Intelligent" Error handling by software

9.1. Context based feedback/instructions

9.2. Offer of resources for possible tasks

10. Thresholds for physical properties

10.1. Volume / Levels

10.1.1. The e.g. tank is about to overflow - take these steps

10.1.2. The oil level is too low. Here are the instructions to fill it up.

10.2. Temperature

10.2.1. "The reactor is overheating - follow these steps"