German Expressionism

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German Expressionism by Mind Map: German Expressionism

1. 'Die Brucke' ('The Bridge')

1.1. Started in Dresden in 1905

1.1.1. Moved in Berlin in 1911 the artists painted the anxiety of the city and modern world Style is very simple, they used emotional and violent imagery of saturated colours, distortion of forms, etc subject matter is focused on psychological situation of contemporary man, which is raw and primitive, e.g cityscape, landscape, naked form, etc

1.2. Ernest Kirchner

1.2.1. 'Street in Dresden' 1909 Saturated colours helps to highlight the subject matter and the main idea of the artist i.e celebration of the public spaces of modern life. This follows the influence of Fauve movement

1.2.2. 'Five Woman in the Street' 1913 Simplification of forms such as elongated bodies, lack of detail and tonal modelling. All these help the artist to convey the message of a big city such as the psychology of the city's dwellers. "the devourers of human souls and ferment of anxiety"-Roberd Hughers. This means that the scene id very depressing, the modern city replaces your soul and mind by something else. Here we can see some Munch's influence because of the colour skim, which changed the emotional expression of the viewer and distortion of forms.

1.2.3. 'Self Portrait as as Soldier' 1915 We see distortion and exaggeration of the face, which was simplified and stylized; lack of detail and harmony in this painting. This gives a very uncomfortable feeling and we can almost feel the psychological damage of the painter. He was influenced by Non-Western, African masks, in particular. We see simple and elongated form of the face, big eyes, lips and nose.

1.3. Emile Nolde

1.3.1. 'The Dance of the Golden Calf' 1910 The painting is really stylized, simplified, unrefined and naive. He was influenced by Non-Western Art, child's drawings, which make everything so easy looking, creating only emotions and expressing feelings. The brushwork is very crude and heavy, the colours are very strong this is an influence of Van-Gogh, who showed how emotions could be conveyed by purely optical means.

2. 'Der Blaue Reiter' 'The Blue Rider'

2.1. Vasily Kandinsky

2.1.1. founder of the group

2.2. Franz Marc