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Marketing by Mind Map: Marketing

1. A marketing analysis can be done in various methods. For example with a market research that is used to collect two types of data: quatitative data (that are focus on number and gather data using surveys and questionnaires) and qualitative data (that refer how people fell about a product and what promt them to spend).

2. E-Marketing

3. E-Marketing today is the most popular type of marketing. It grants to the businesses the access on the mass market ad is used to create a personale market approach.

3.1. Helps to deliver the right message to the audience with emails and wirless media.

3.2. It involves the use of digital customer data, online promotional techniques such as, for example, social-media.

4. It can be done in various methods in depending of the individual needs. A good e-marketing is used to: - to add an "extra value" factor to product (Sell); - to Serve the clients; - to communicate with potential or existing clients (Speak); - to Save or reduce the costs; - to create the brand identity (Sizzle).

5. All types of Marketing are based on four components: "Where, Who, Why and How"

5.1. Where is the geographic question and explain where the businesses can sell thei products.

5.2. Who is the demographic question and explain what is the businesses' client audience.

5.3. Why is the question that explain the reasons promt the clients to buy a product.

5.4. How is the component that ask "How do clients behave?"

6. The identification of this questions will influence how the product will be advertised.


8. The PROS of a E-marketing are that the businesses can find new markets with a small investment, the costs are reduced and they can create specifical offers for everyone.

9. The CONS of a E-marketing are that the access on the internet is limited by the ability of the clients, the emails that haven't the permission and competition.