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Balanced Reading by Mind Map: Balanced Reading
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Balanced Reading

Read Aloud

Large Group

Teacher lead instruction

Demonstrate reading strategies

Teacher models behaviour they would like to see students adapt into their reading

Above readability level of students

Background knowledge discussed before read aloud

Student-relatable picture books

Guided Reading

Small Groups

Groups based on instructional range of students

Teachers apply strategies previously taught in shared reading and read aloud lessons

Rest of the class engages in independent activities while teacher works with one guided reading group at a time

Student copies of text being read

Literacy Place or other guided reading kits if available

Guided reading student notebooks

Unfamiliar text to students

Texts are just slightly above students independent reading level

Co-created print created in guided reading groups

Text often visited more then once

Antidotal notes made by teacher

Shared Reading

Large or small group

@ Learning carpet with teacher cart assessable

Big books or large print poems

Teacher and student pointers

Interactive learning environment

Students reading text at same time as teacher and classmates

Same text visited several times

10-15 minutes in length

Explicitly teach a specific reading skill

Include 3 mini lessons- before reading, during reading, and after reading

Independent Reading

Organized classroom library-- easy for students to find books and put them away correctly

Wide variety of texts

Comfortable area for classroom library

Students apply reading strategies and skills learned in other balanced reading areas during their independent reading time

D.E.A.R. Drop Everything and Read EVERYDAY

Students aware of independent reading level

Free choice of reading material

Able to reference classroom literacy reference charts as needed

Not always "silent" reading

Minimal teacher support