Challenges of Outsourcing

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Challenges of Outsourcing by Mind Map: Challenges of Outsourcing

1. Jobs & Employment Perspectives

1.1. The millenials way of life

1.2. Importance of quality of life, employment is just one of the aspects

1.3. Stable, full-time jobs is not a priority

1.4. Do what you like, when you like to do it

2. Why Outsource

2.1. To prepare to new era

2.2. To stay competitive

2.3. Reduce costs

2.4. Validate new products

2.5. Expand portfolio

2.6. Complement in-house talents

3. How Outsource

3.1. The briefing

3.2. Project Management

3.3. The team

3.3.1. Collaborator's Profile

3.3.2. Complementary

3.3.3. Perfect fit

3.4. What can go wrong