Pride and Prejudice Classdifferences

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Pride and Prejudice Classdifferences by Mind Map: Pride and Prejudice Classdifferences

1. Marriage

1.1. Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte.

1.1.1. Elizabeth finds it weird because he proposed to her first and it's a weird man.

1.1.2. Charlotte marries Mr. Collins She is happy she has someone that can take care of her. She has now a safe home and protection. She is content with him. She thinks he is the highest achievable man for her. That there are no other men that would want her.

1.1.3. Charlotte felt a burden for her parents at home.

1.2. Mr. Benley and Jane

1.2.1. Mr Darcy sabotaged the relationship between Mr. Benley and Jane. He thought Jane had not enough feelings for Mr Benley. He thought that Jane's family was a shame for Mr Benley. Not wealthy enough. Lack of propriety for Mr. Benley.

2. Mrs Bennet

2.1. Mother of the family Bennet

2.2. Wants her daughters to marry a rich men

2.2.1. Mr. Benley comes to the ball Wants that Mr. Bennet introduces their daughters to Mr. Benley Mr Benley and Jane have a connection

2.2.2. Cares a lot about the wealth of men. Because if they marry one of her daughters, they need to take care of their daughters.

2.2.3. Wants Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins. Elizabeth rejects the proposal. Mrs. Bennet forces her and is very mad. She says she is never gonna see her again if Elizabeth doesn't marry. Mrs Bennet finds it a shame

3. Inheritance

3.1. Mr. Wickham supposed to inherit a function in the church.

3.1.1. Mr. Darcy doesn't gives the function to him. Mr. Wickham gets poor. Mr. Wickham wanted money instead. Which he had but he spilled it on gambling.

3.2. Woman don't have the right to inherit something.

3.2.1. The daughters of Mr. Bennet inherit nothing. If he dies and they are not married, they are poor people without money or estate. Instead Mr. Collins inherits the heritage.