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ICT in schools by Mind Map: ICT in schools

1. History

1.1. In society

1.2. In education

1.3. In business

2. Futurecasting

2.1. What

2.2. Why

2.3. When

2.3.1. Timeline

3. Why not

3.1. Expectation

3.1.1. Basic skills

3.1.2. Understanding

3.1.3. Adaptability

3.2. ICT penetration in Society

3.2.1. Digital generation

3.2.2. Internet Instant messaging Social networking Wikipedia Death of the expert TED Talk Email

4. What is it currently

4.1. Focus is on "we are going to use technology"

5. What should it be?

5.1. Seamless integration

5.2. Focus should be on "what is the best tool for solving this?"