Rachelle Eerhart

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Rachelle Eerhart by Mind Map: Rachelle Eerhart

1. no impact week

1.1. last year

1.2. 1000 people participated

1.3. whole experiment

1.4. no impact man Coling Bevlin

1.4.1. bought nothing new

1.4.2. organic food healthy food

1.4.3. used little water no electricity

1.4.4. no garbage

1.4.5. live at 9th floor togethet with sex in the city kinda wife he talked her into it both adopted it

1.5. effects

1.5.1. physical side

1.5.2. social side

1.5.3. Nieuw knooppunt

2. starting a garden

2.1. watching the natural cycle

2.2. saving seeds

2.3. see plants sprout

3. urban farmer

3.1. TEDxTheHague local speaker

3.2. LinkedIn profile

3.3. @cheruchan

4. back to overview map

5. farming

5.1. look at my boots

5.2. farmer watch nature

5.2.1. knows it

5.2.2. learns it

5.2.3. benefits of it

5.3. watching natural cycles

5.3.1. apply to life city

5.3.2. planet side but also people side doing both more benefit

6. type

6.1. interested

6.1.1. ... culture

6.1.2. learned on seeds roofterras expand

6.1.3. big house in The Hague large spot of empty garden house renovated artists lived there can i cultivate your garden? laan v meerdervoort she cultivated the garden Nieuw knooppunt

7. monetize

7.1. nature

7.1.1. climate issues

7.1.2. loss of diversity

7.1.3. solutions less co2 led light bulbs

7.2. governments

7.2.1. try to adopt our life to natural life systems

7.2.2. cradle2cradle

7.3. ideas

7.3.1. design company as ecosystem

7.3.2. multiple cashflowsystems like nature does

7.3.3. witness small steps

8. biggest problem

8.1. crisis of people

8.1.1. elderly

8.1.2. lonely people

8.1.3. excluded people

8.2. people are part of same system

8.2.1. same root of problems

9. natural life cycle

9.1. apply to lonely elderly

9.1.1. society of young

9.1.2. everyone grows older it happens to everyone (if your lucky) what if we accept it fundamental part of life thus society

9.1.3. what type policy would come from that?

9.2. people who clean up

9.2.1. I get happy from cleaning my house

9.2.2. why not attact value to it when other people clean

9.3. neighbourhoods

9.3.1. after war now get tear down

9.3.2. why not see it as an ecosystem

9.3.3. everything has a role

9.3.4. look at assets

9.4. apply natural systems to the social challenges

9.4.1. what woudl come from that

10. wrap

10.1. increase quality of life

10.2. that is important

10.3. stuff of life

10.3.1. connection of people environment