Effective Body Language

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Effective Body Language by Mind Map: Effective Body Language

1. Hands

1.1. don't scratch the podium or make any sounds

1.1.1. New node

1.2. don't lean over the podium or cling on to the sides of the podium! The podium is not your teddy bear, stop hugging it!:)

1.3. don't show your knuckles over the podium

1.4. don't make the same gestures over and over again

2. Posture

2.1. Stand confidently

2.2. don't lock your knees

2.3. don't be uptight! BE CASUAL (but not sloppy)

3. Movements

3.1. don't hide behind objects because it shows that you are nervous

3.2. walk while you talk but when you get to the main point, you must STOP!