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"CS Chatbot" by Mind Map: "CS Chatbot"

1. Phase 1 - launch end of March - Enter thru digital-first page

1.1. Wanna see a digital-first manga published in print? Tell us more!

1.1.1. Which series are you interested in getting in print? [70+ digital-first series to select from] If we used the pull-down option format, does that mean a person could talk about one series at a time. Is this ok? Or is there way to do "Check all that applies"? We're just curious;

1.1.2. Print Publishing Request form: https://goo.gl/forms/VKxKeRQbIfwujUL23

2. Phase 2 - launch end of April - Enter thru top page

2.1. How could we help you?

2.1.1. I want you to publish something What kind of manga are you talking about? I want a digital-first manga to be published in print I want my manga to be published. How can I submit my work? I want to recommend other manga to be published

2.1.2. I have a complaint What is it about? About Print Products About Digital Products Others

2.1.3. I have a media inquiry What is it about? I want to get review copies I want to sign up to your press list other media inquiry (ex. interview creator)

2.1.4. I have a licensing inquiry What is it about? merchandising other

2.2. Phase 4 - launch end of August - Recommendation and Fan submission

2.2.1. I'm looking for a new manga What kind of manga do you usually like to read? Action Romance Slice of Life Comedy Sci-Fi Sports Fantasy

2.2.2. I want to send a fan letter to a manga creator [fill form or special Email address]

3. "Special Event" Chatbot

3.1. - campaign-based project - Email collection for our newsletter

3.1.1. Phase 3 - launch in early July - For special event (ex. AX/SDCC) - scenario based on our property Similar to "Fairy Tail Final Volume Countdown" - you can participate online Repurposing last year's AoT Outside Quest + funnel in people from Funimation site

4. - Long term project - Helping website visitors with FAQ / collect feedback