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Caroline's mind map by Mind Map: Caroline's mind map
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Caroline's mind map


what kind of teahing would you teach the students?

what kind of culture would you teach the student's?

did you finish your grade 12?

Where did you finish your grade 12?

did you recieve any honors

do you plan on finishing the three year course that is being given?

what have you learned so far in these courses that are given?

what do you like so far in the courses that are given?

what have you learned so far in the computer course?

what have you accomplished in these courses?

friend and Family

Mike Campeau,Rosie Mason and Christopher

Flora Campeau

Gus and Brandy Chartrand

Micheal and Melissa Chartrand

Derreck Campeau

Jackie Greeley

My Children

Eva Harriet Nancy Brass

Destiny Marie Shootingstar Brass

Ariah Loretta Doreen Brass

Latoya Ida Autumn-sky Chartrand

Passed away Christopher Yellowhawk Thunder Brass Aug, 21, 2001

Family Members

Mother: Vitaline Sinclair

Dad: John Genaille

Sister's: Denise Chartrand and Lily Chartrand

Brother's: Pearly Chartrand and John Chartrand

Email address



phone number

no phone number

sister 587 - 2552 message


Adam Cook

Caroline Cook

Brothers from another mother

Frank Gott

Wallace Cook

Sam Gott

Stan Cook

Rudy Kematch

Conrad Kematch

Lance Kematch

And many more

Family Tree

John Chartrand

Pearly Chartrand

Lily Chartrand

Denise Chatrand

Caroline Cook

New node


downloaded web sites and call recorders like fire fox, skype call recorder, adaucity.

made web acounts on google, gmail, skype, twitter, and other web pages.

made a mind meister map.

did interviews with students.

made three recordings on adaucity one letter when sixteen, my angel and my brother.

down loaded my files on my wikispace page.

down loaded three screen shots on google.

took pictures of my google pages and added them to my wikispace page.