Weekly Theme:Food

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Weekly Theme:Food by Mind Map: Weekly Theme:Food

1. Maths Number – Operations

2. Gaeilge Téama: Bia Fó-théama – An Tornapa Mór: Múin na focail nua trí geáitsí agus luas chartaí. Cluiche tomhais chun na focail nua a chleachtadh.

3. Visual Arts – Print – Making of prints using food objects.

4. Gymnastics – (Movement/Understanding & appreciation of gymnastics)

5. SESE Science – (Living Things/Plants & Animals) Food Chains – children sort & classify animals by the food they eat & become aware that people, animals & plants rely on each other for food. History – (Stories) Irish Legend - The Salmon of Knowledge Geography – (Human Environments/People & places in other lands) The Story of Chocolate

6. Music –The Enormous Turnip – Perform the song with actions with a concentration on accuracy and good group co-ordination. Then, get the children to accompany the song with a steady pulse, played on percussion.

6.1. Methodologies: Talk and Discussion, Active Learning.

6.2. Assessment: artists chair, pupils using visual prompts provided during the lesson, display of art pieces, discussion, teacher questioning pupils, pupils questioning teacher, pupils singing/acting, artists chair, learning logs.

7. English: Children to write an email to Sam telling him how much they enjoyed his story & outlining their favourite character.

7.1. Assessment: discussion, teacher questioning pupils, pupils questioning teacher, pupils summarizing, pupils’ writing, assigning and giving and correcting homework, learning logs.

8. New node