Media and Communications

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Media and Communications by Mind Map: Media and Communications

1. Moral activities

1.1. Professional and ethical codes of journalism

1.2. Internet and cyberjournalism

1.3. Phone hacking scandal

1.4. OFCOM

1.5. Appropriate material for young audiences

2. Influence of press on public opinion

2.1. The press

2.1.1. editorial opinion

2.1.2. headlines

2.1.3. language

2.1.4. political commentary & cartoons

2.2. cult of celebrity

2.2.1. news agenda

2.2.2. salacious gossip

3. Broadcast media

3.1. Radio news

3.2. television scheduling

3.3. editing / selection

4. debates

4.1. Should we worry about press / news monopoly by media conglomerates?

4.2. Is TV a truthful medium?

4.3. "Only bad news makes a good story". To what extent is this true?

4.4. Will print media survive the 21st century?

4.5. "The Internet has made media production democratic; anyone can get their message out to an audience." To what extent is this true and could it be seen as positive?