Moral responsibility of scientists

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Moral responsibility of scientists by Mind Map: Moral responsibility of scientists

1. The threats posed by scientific developments

1.1. Genetic modification

1.2. cloning

2. The dilemmas of scientists in the area of medicine

2.1. BMA Medical Ethics committee

2.2. The Hippocratic Oath

2.3. Patient autonomy and choice

2.4. sexual abuse

2.5. Palliative care and the end of life

2.5.1. see sample essay

2.6. brain death and life support

2.7. 'do not attempt resuscitation'

2.8. stem cell research

3. the impact of science upon the environment

3.1. biofuels

4. The impact of changing technology upon society

4.1. humans - the tool making animals

4.2. technology, personal privacy and social control

4.3. the DNA database

4.4. identity theft