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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence
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The ability to modify and adjust one's behaviors in order to accomplish new tasks or approach new situations successfully


Qualitative characteristics

Quantitative characteristics

Sternberg's Triarchic Theory

Critiques and comments about the concept of intelligence

I agree with the idea that intelligence is dynamic and not static

I agree that diversity must be considered when discussing the ideas of intelligence

I disagree that IQ scores alone determine how intelligent a human being is or is not

I believe that intelligence is not limited to traditional Western ideas of what knowledge is important

Intelligence is different than knowledge

Children and Intelligence

Children acquire intelligence by expanding their schema and prior knowledge about the world around them

This means, children should be exposed to as wide a variety of experiences as possible - keeping in mind their interest level and developmental level

The idea of improving children's intelligence should not be limited to academic success. Emotional and Social skills are just as important to becoming a healthy, contributing member of society as being able to read and complete complex math problems

Scaffolding is an important part of parenting and educating children

Environment plays an important role. Intelligence is not determined by heredity alone.