Nature Demands Respect From Humans (Genevieve George)

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Nature Demands Respect From Humans (Genevieve George) by Mind Map: Nature Demands Respect From Humans (Genevieve George)

1. Nature always bounces back (nature is superior and untamable; it won't be silenced

1.1. The Great Meadow in California

1.1.1. Even after human interference that killed off many of its species, over time it adapted and turned into something just as beautiful

1.2. Eco-Horror Movies

1.2.1. Sacrifice of the tourist

1.2.2. "In Australia, settler society was unsettled by nature generally, especially the fauna"

2. Animals (an extension of nature)

2.1. Razorback pigs in Australia constantly eating people in Australian Eco-horror movies

2.2. The belief that people who were good hunters connected with animals. They wanted to give themselves to the Natives so they could eat

2.3. They are a part of nature, so they are the ones who overtly demand the respect

2.3.1. Crocodile = "the archetypal sum of mankind's fears"

2.3.2. Jellyfish Considered monstrous

3. Veneration of nature

3.1. Eastern Cultures

3.1.1. Man-nature relationship marked by respect and love

3.1.2. Did not fear nature

3.2. Non Earth-Based Religions That Place Importance on Nature

3.2.1. Ancient Hebrews God sent Satan to test people in the wilderness When God was pleased, he would transform the wilderness into something "good," therefore creating a positive relationship betweens humans and nature

3.2.2. Christianity Wilderness was considered "the earthly realm of the powers of evil that the Church had to overcome" Wilderness was also a sanctuary Appreciating nature's beauty was not considered something "good" Christians would do

4. Ways nature is disrespected

4.1. Oche Sea Otter Study

4.2. Settlers thinking the Native's desire to protect their land (Mother Earth) means that they don't want white people to be able to work

4.3. Nature is linked to Satan (he lives in the woods)

4.3.1. Jersey Devil haunts a certain wooded area

4.4. We as humans are monstrous because of the way we treat nature

4.4.1. "This reduction of the amount of wilderness defined man's achievement as he advanced toward civilization"

4.5. We don't consider how our actions today will effect nature in the distant future (ecological amnesia)

5. What happens when you understand/respect nature

5.1. Native Americans

5.1.1. Clear Cut

5.1.2. Considered seduced by Satan by settlers

5.1.3. Disrespected by settlers because of their relationship with the earth George Washington wrote that driving the Natives out of their land was like driving wild beasts out of the woods