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What's the/is there a relation between neurodegeneration and cerebral reorganisation? by Mind Map: What's the/is there a relation  between neurodegeneration and cerebral reorganisation?
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What's the/is there a relation between neurodegeneration and cerebral reorganisation?

Interaction of neurodegeneration and cerebral reorganisation

how do the mechanisms which cause neurodegeneration impact cerebral reorganisation?

is there an impact of i.g. iron or alpha-synucleine in reorganisation?

Causes of neurodegeneration

functional pathways that are lost with the degeneration of the striatum

interaction between brain areas

Are there predictive factors for a good compensation of neurodegeneration?


Type (genetic, idiopathic or toxic)

Motivation, good cognitive control

What are the brain differences between PD patients who compensate and those who not?

forms of clinical Parkinson

Psychological State

How does cerebral reorganisation work?

Are there any brain areas more prone to organisation than others?

Is there a connection to the stages of the disease?

Is there an active learning process involved or does it happen involuntary?

What compensation mechanisms are there besides motor compensation?

Can the number of neuronal progenitor cells (NPC) inside the patient's brain predict the functional outcome after reorganisation?

Early compensation

Does toxic induced PD in animals has the same compensation mechanisms?

What cases of cerebral reorganisation are described for different neurodegenerative diseases?

How can cerebral reorganisation be influenced?

Can a neuroelectrophysiological technique (DBS,cortical magnetic stimulation) help with the cortical repair?

Can the removal of the pathogenic factor(Iron, Alpha-Sinuclein) increase the brain's chance to reorganisate.

can physical activity lead to structural and functional brain alterations in PD?

What are the effects of reorganisation on the brain function?

Is it a maladaptive process?(like in cardiac insufficiency) Good on the short run but damaging on the long run?

Does motor compensation lead to psychological damage(dementia) on the long-run or does it actually have a protective affect.

Methods we could use for our research

Use of fMRI,PET-scan and [F18]Dopamine imaging to see the new motor circuits.

Can it be evaluated by strict paraclinical methods?

using magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS, to measure N-­‐acetyl aspartate (NAA) concentrations in the basal ganglia to study it's connectivity

How is the movement control influenced through the neurodegeneration/cerebral reorganisation



visual control

can certain movements be improved by cerebral reorganisation?

how can the freezing of gait be influenced?

somatosensory input diminuished

motor compensation



How pharmacological manipulation of striatal Dopamine in healthy subjects affects cortical connectivity in resolving different motor/cognitive tasks?