Electronic Graphic Organizers-Course Project

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Electronic Graphic Organizers-Course Project by Mind Map: Electronic Graphic Organizers-Course Project

1. Understand why God's way is best

2. Classroom Overview

2.1. Grade level:10-12

2.1.1. Subject:Bible

2.2. Instructional Philosophy

2.2.1. Varied instruction keeps students engaged

2.2.2. If students aren't engaged, they don't learn

2.2.3. Students learn by doing

2.2.4. Instruction needs to be varied in order for students to be engaged If students are not engaged, they do not learn

2.2.5. Instructional activities should build on prior knowlege and allow time to practice new skills

2.3. Curriculum

2.3.1. Developed by Summit Ministries and Greer Christian Learning Center

2.4. Skills

2.4.1. Defend their faith communication, critical thinking

2.4.2. Identify ways to make a difference in school/community/society collaboration, creativity, critical thinking

2.5. Classroom Goals/Focus

2.5.1. Learn ways to make a difference in their school/community/society

2.5.2. Grow in basic Bible knowledge

3. Standards

3.1. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas (NETS)

3.2. Analyze data to make informed decisions (NETS)

3.3. Students will be able to defend their faith

3.4. Students will be able to describe God's design for marriage and families

3.4.1. Tell why God's design for families works best

3.5. Identify ways to reach out to those in need

3.5.1. Develop action plans for each idea

3.5.2. Communicate info and ideas ffectively to multiple audiences suing a variety of media and formats (NETS)

4. 21st Century Skills

4.1. Critical thinking skills

4.1.1. Evaluate alternative points of view

4.1.2. Support/defend a particular point of view

4.1.3. Examine cause/effect relationships

4.2. Communication

4.2.1. graphic organizers Organize/articulate thoughts

4.3. Creativity

4.3.1. graphic organizers/groupwork Brainstorm Share ideas Expand on ideas of others

4.4. Collaboration

4.4.1. group work Graphic organizers in groups Writing activities in pairs

4.4.2. Class discussion

5. Graphic organizers

5.1. Types I plan to use and how they can be used for teaching/learning

5.1.1. Persuasion Map Enable students to understand why they believe what they believe Give students practice defending their faith

5.1.2. Cause/Effect Map Help students understand and communicate how society is effected when we deviate from God's design

5.1.3. Anticipation Guide Determine if sudents views have changed after studying Biblical concepts

5.1.4. Invite Feedback Generate ideas about caring for the poor/needy

5.2. Rationale for using GOs

5.2.1. Enable visual learners to grasp concepts

5.2.2. Organize thoughts

5.2.3. Share ideas

5.3. Strategies

5.3.1. Work in pairs

5.3.2. Use Web 2.0 to involve other students

5.3.3. Use for pre-writing

5.4. Links

5.4.1. http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/964255a2111c

5.4.2. http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/964292a32e5

6. Technology/Resources

6.1. Tools used

6.1.1. Laptop Groups will take turns creating EGO on computer Teacher will guide entire class in creating an EGO together

6.1.2. Projector Used in connection with computer so that entire class can view various EGOs at same time

6.2. Other Resources

6.2.1. Hand done graphic organizers