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Team Nemo NIM Graduation Celebration by Mind Map: Team
Nemo NIM
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Team Nemo NIM Graduation Celebration

Win a Goldfish

Use a ping pong ball shooter to shoot ping pong balls into goldfish bowls.  The goldfish bowls would have live fish in them to take home.

My kids did this, and we had the fish for many years:)

Theme/dress up

Ugliest Fish Costume

I love choosing the ugliest:)  

we could just eat the costume they would taste better

Mermaids & Mermen

Pet-human look alike contest

Exotic fish food

Calimari Recipe

Assorted Sushi

Lobster rolls

Let's not forget those goldfish crackers

Entertainment: "Finding Nemo" stage show


Bring in Disney cast

Follow up with "Nemo" trivia game: Name one of the shapes the school of fish make, What's the niece's name?


Blue gatorade with frozen swedish fish

Finding Nemo cocktail

fish-shaped ice cubes

Fishie cups, straws, cocktail napkins

Pet games/play area

Pet relay races

Yes, or an obstacle course

Frisbee catching contest

Pet tricks

How about some rabbit races with beagles?

Music it is:)

How about some music? Maybe the beach boys are available.

"Under the sea" - I know, that's from "Little Mermaid," not "Nemo";)

"Hootie and the Blowfish" tracks