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Cassidy Lawrence by Mind Map: Cassidy Lawrence

1. My Uncle: Earl

1.1. He works for an insurance company so he can teach me how to work with numbers and use his connections to find jobs

2. My Dad: Doug

2.1. My Dad owns his own company so he would be able to find different jobs from the people he works for and he could be able to put in a good word

3. My Grandma: Linda

3.1. My grandma knows a lot of people from running her own store and has a lot of connections that would be able to help me in my specific field

4. My School Counsellor

4.1. They could point me in the right direction and help me out with here I need to go to school and how to get it

5. My Teacher: Ms. Wiemken

5.1. She could help me with writing my resume or teaching me what an employer will want to see from me on my resume and in an interview

6. Shannon Cloutier

6.1. She used to be a dental hygienist so she has a few connections and would be able to tell me what the job is like.

7. Career Spotlight in Dentistry

7.1. They can be more specific about what the job entitles and give me information about what you have do and to get into schools

8. Job Fairs

8.1. They could have different tables on different jobs that are looking for people or have an internship

9. My friend: Jessika

9.1. She works for the city of Peachland as a life guard, she would be able to tell me what training I would need and where I could go for training

10. My Mom: Nicole

10.1. She can teach me how to write professional business letters and show me how to use different computer programs

11. My Manager: Chanelle Hawes

11.1. She could give me a reference for my other jobs and teach me what managers are looking for when they hire

12. Co-worker: Amy Kruger

12.1. She would be able to write me a recommendation letter about what type of worker I am

13. Co-worker: Lily Churchill

13.1. She has lots of connections that could help me and be able to put in a good word about me

14. My Dental Hygienist

14.1. This a job that I am interested in and would want to do a job shadow to see if its right for me

15. My Dentist

15.1. I want to be a dental hygienist but I would like to see what a dentist does to see if I'm interested in dentistry