How is clean water accessed?

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How is clean water accessed? by Mind Map: How is clean water accessed?

1. Refined Questions

1.1. How is clean water in used / rationed?

1.1.1. In Dharavi clean water seems to be mainly used for drinking. This causes people to end up cleaning their clothes in sewage water.

1.2. How is healthcare accessed when people get sick due to bad sanitation?

1.2.1. In some slums up to 21.6% of households have no physical access to healthcare.

1.3. In what way are people helping?

1.3.1. Unicef supplies poor areas that have no close water source with wells, this improves the happiness and lifestyle of the people.

1.4. What are some of the things causing bad sanitation?

1.4.1. Some poor places are very polluted. In Dharavi there are water pipes going through very polluted liquid, or a sludge, if the water pipe were to crack it would cause chemicals and other toxic things to go into the water system.