Gender inequality

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Gender inequality by Mind Map: Gender inequality

1. Why do women have less power in Low Income Countries?

1.1. Well most people believe that women are weaker and that they aren't good enough for any jobs except cleaning and house jobs.

1.2. On average women earn 24% less than men

2. When did women become equal to men?

2.1. In the 1800's Australia was the first country to let women vote and have the same rights as men. And in 1920 the United States were the second country to give women voting rights and have equal rights.

3. What is gender inequality?

3.1. There is still 63 million women/girls that don't have an education. For most of history women have always hd less rights than men. Women would always have to fight for the right to vote and it normally ends up in death or Imprisonment

3.2. Women get paid less money in jobs because no one thinks women are equal to men.

3.3. Why it matters?

3.3.1. Because of how gender equality is women don't get much of an education. This means that they have less skills and it's harder to get a job.

4. What is being done to end gender inequality?

4.1. Some organisations like the UN, UN Women, White Ribbon, National Organisation for Women(NOW).Malala Fund also helps get girls get an education.

4.2. Since 1992, Equality Now has ensured that over thousands of women globally re equal and have equal opportunities in life.

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5. What are women enrolled to do?

5.1. Most women are told to look after the children and cook whilst men are doing bigger jobs such as farming, construction and clearing land.

5.2. Every year more than 15 million girls under the age of 18 get married and have no say in the action. The UN states that most women are at risk of domestic violence more than war and diseases.