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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Teacher; Mrs. Culham- Mrs. Culham is a really good teacher who teaches english. She could help me with a job relating to being a teacher in my future.

2. My Parents- My parents are a big help to me finding a job/career because they both know many other companies and have a lot of connections, considering my dad helps find people jobs.

3. Auntie Leona- My auntie Leona has worked many jobs, a nurse, health care assistant and typing in an office. She has good advice on what to take if I want to do something related to her past jobs/job in College.

4. Friends- Friends are good people to have a connection with while choosing a career or job. They know me personally and can always put in a good word.

5. Friends parents- My friends parents are a good connection because they know me well. They all know many people who have successful jobs and businesses, maybe some I would like to peruse in.

6. Coach Bob- My curling coach Bob is a good connection because he is old and educated. He knows many people and that can be useful to me in the future if I need a reference.

7. Employer Helen- Helen is a manager at the grocery store I work at. Being a manager she has many skills that I can learn from and use in my future.

8. Neighbors- My neighbors are all a lot older than I am and they can give good advice to me and what decisions are good to make for my future.

9. Teacher- Mrs. Marton- My teacher Mrs. Marton is a Rugby Coach, PE teacher and World History teacher. Meaning she has great knowledge of being a leader and can give me good advice for my future.

10. Sister- Family is very helpful when it comes to finding a job. My family knows me best, meaning they can let another know what I am truly like.

11. Cousin Zach- My cousin Zach is a supervisor at a pizza place. He can give me good advice on where to work or who to speak with if I want to work at the pizza place too.

12. A Doctor- My doctor can help guide me in the direction I should go in to be able to also become a doctor. And to help me to figure out the courses to take to do so.

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13. Counselor- The counselors at my school are very helpful to me for finding a job because they know how to guide me in the right direction. They also have unlimited resources and connections.

14. My Orthodontist- My Orthodontist knows many people from coming into see him. He is a successful person who might be able to help me down the road if I have questions.

15. Teacher; Mr. Triggs- Mr. Triggs is a big help to me for my future because he has many connections with a lot of people. he organizes many events around school and can always give me a good reference.