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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Sister, Marisa is two years older than me and is currently going to UBCO as well as working part time at Boston Pizza. If I really needed a job I would be able to have a direct recommendation to her manager from a well liked 4 year employee.

2. Al Hopgood is a family friend that work in education, and volunteers his time to leadership around his school (SMS). Al would be able to get me involved in leadership programs (such as CADA). Being involved in leadership and your school community is appealing to universities and employers, so he can help me improve my resume character wise a lot.

3. My Dad, Rob is a vice principal at RMS and had been a teacher here in Kelowna for 13 years. If I decided I would like a career in education he would be able to give advice as well as reach out to his contacts for potential positions for me.

4. My Mom, Julie Aviani is a dietitian at KGH. If I was looking at a job in the medical field she would have contacts as well as being able to set up job shadows for me with her colleagues.

5. Karah Hopgood is my a friend I've had since childhood. She is currently enrolled in UBCO however when she was in high school she started and ran the "Humans of Boucherie" Instagram account, which she was recognized by Twitter for. She was then flown to Twitter headquarters to give a speech on networking. Karah would super helpful to help me with my online, professional presence, and therefore help me get a job.

6. Sydney Hope is my friend from school. She has had a job at Red Robin since grade nine. This year she referred me to her manager and I got the job. It's now been 9 months since I've started working there, and I'm super thankful that she took the time to do that.

7. Lana Noren is my aunt. She is a CEA in the Vernon school district. If I was interested in pursuing a career in working with people with disabilities then she could talk to me about the job and what it takes to get a job in this area.

8. Ryan Stugis is one of my current managers at Red Robin. When I move on whether it be because I'm moving away for school or acquiring a job in my field he would be a great reference to have on my resume, to say a few kind words about my work ethic and attitude.

9. Brin, My hairdresser could help me get a job in hairdressing. If I decided I wanted a job in this realm I would be able to talk to her about where I should get my start and what programs to take. I could also get a job referral from her.

10. Chris Aviani is my cousin, who has a job in web design/ coding. If I wanted a job in this area he would be able to get me a job shadow or recommendation after I had the correct education for the job

11. Kevin Kaardal is the superintendent of SD23. He would be a good contact to have if I were to get a job in education, or anything where I am involved with schools.

12. Oliver, the hairdresser, works at the same salon as Brin, however his family owns the salon, and he is the manager. He would be a great contact to have in order to get a job in hairdressing, specifically at his store.

13. Edward, is a doctor whom my mom works with on a daily basis. Knowing him would be great to have an inside look at the world of medicine. He could give me a job shadow as well as recommendations for my schooling.

14. The Red Robin regional manager. Although I don't know his name he would be a great contact in order to improve a career in the Red Robin brand. If I wanted to continue on this path and become a manager. he'd be a good contact to have in order to get a foot up when competing fo the spot with other candidates.

15. Cam, Marisa's manager at Boston Pizza. Cam would be able to get me a job at Boston Pizza, and possibly pursue a career there if I needed to move and my current job was no longer an option.