ICT Classroom Management

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ICT Classroom Management by Mind Map: ICT Classroom Management

1. Positive Rewards

1.1. Prizes

1.2. Celebrate the success of students

1.3. Call Home To Parents to Talk About Student Accomplishments

2. Avoid Isolating Students

2.1. Separating Students from the Group Can Damage their Self Esteem

2.2. Suspension Can Be Counterproductive

3. Negative Experiences With Misbehavior

3.1. Saw Rural School that Had Corporal Punishment as an Alternative to Saturday School

4. Why Do Students Misbehave?

4.1. Boredom

4.2. Asserting Indedpendence

4.3. Rebelling Against Authority

4.4. Finding Who They Are

5. Intrinsic Motivation

5.1. Choose Assignments Students are Interested in

5.2. Avoid Too Many Rewards

6. Universal Design for Learing

6.1. Provides Multiple Means for Accessing Information

6.2. Provides Multiple Means of Assesment