ICT & Classroom Mgmt Workshop

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ICT & Classroom Mgmt Workshop by Mind Map: ICT & Classroom Mgmt Workshop

1. Student Choice

1.1. Let Ss take a break when they are tired, angry or distracted

1.2. Ask Ss whether they can handle certain types of work, and whether they find activities useful

2. Clear Expectations and Concise Instructions

2.1. Number steps in activities

2.2. Have Ss repeat instructions back to you

3. One-on-one attention

3.1. Be present for Ss when they really need a counselor

3.2. If situation is escalating, remove S or Ss to hallway or private space

3.3. Give Ss the benefit of the doubt. Don't grill them on the spot, save questions for later (private and quiet)

3.4. Observe and Listen to Ss about what they want or don't want to do.

4. Rules

4.1. Let ss decide rules at beginning of year

4.2. Lead ongoing discussion on classroom expectations

4.3. Ask Ss to reflect on and articulate WHY those rules are important

4.3.1. Emphasize notion of classroom community and collaborative learning and support

5. Keep Ss busy and change up the activities

5.1. Make the class fun, dynamic and engaging, and they won't have time to misbehave

5.2. Physical dynamic, have ss move around, cluster, change the type of activity from individual to small group to large group. Change the spatial configuration of the room.

6. Technology

6.1. Double entry journaling with Ss via e-mail/blog in order to build trust and respect

6.2. Google Docs

6.3. E-mail with colleagues

6.4. Classroom Blog

6.5. Photos/google image searches for Ss' projets

6.6. Have Ss type

6.7. Powerpoints!!!!! Video makers for S projects