ICT and Classroom Management

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ICT and Classroom Management by Mind Map: ICT and Classroom Management

1. Uses for ICT in creating relevant and supportive environment

1.1. Opportunities for students to work autonomously

1.2. Supportive tools for enhancing specific learning needs (ie, Dragon)

1.3. Opportunity for students who are proficient in technology to act as "experts"

1.4. New and potentially challenging mode of expression

2. Methods for engaging students

2.1. SDT

2.1.1. Relatedness Personal relationships with school staff

2.1.2. Competency

2.1.3. Autonomy

2.2. Differentiated Lesson Plans

2.2.1. Zone of Proximal Development Teacher has tools in place to pull each student to a level at which they are challenged

2.2.2. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Lessons are relevant and accessible to every student

3. Negative responses to misbehavior

3.1. Excluding the student from classroom, activities

3.2. Discouraging or disparaging remarks about the student's abilities