ICT and Classroom Management

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ICT and Classroom Management by Mind Map: ICT and Classroom Management

1. Greene's steps:

1.1. Gather Info

1.2. Empathize

1.3. Gather more Information

1.4. Identify concerns, empathize more, ask students to identify concerns

1.5. Invite students to participate in collaborative problem solving

1.6. Generate several solutions

1.7. Try the solutions

2. Greene's plan types:

2.1. Plan A

2.1.1. Educators and students are most familiar with Plan A: the educator tells the student exactly what to do or else (insert rewards or punishments here). A Plan A approach to the above situation would be, "Do not miss any more classes, or you will fail the course."

2.2. Plan B

2.2.1. Educators and students collaboratively problem solve a concern that each has (skipping class, having to get up too early) in a mutually agreeable way.

2.3. Plan C

2.3.1. The educator ignores the problem because there are bigger problems to solve first. For example, the student above has simply disappeared from campus. Attendance is no longer an issue. Finding the student is.