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Theotretical Perspectives to Curriculum Content by Mind Map: Theotretical
Perspectives to
Curriculum Content
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Theotretical Perspectives to Curriculum Content

Nativist Perspectives emphasizes inborn or innate human capabilities or nature as being responsible for language development. Linguist Noam Chamsky is the major theorist associated with the nativist perspective. Chomsky's contributions to our understanding of the acquisition of language have been significant. Chonsky contends that all people inherently have the capacity to acquire language due to cognitive structures that process language differently from the stimuli. A major focus of the nativist perspective is on the acquisition of syntactic knowledge.  Chomsky work has involved indentfying grammatical aspects of language and describing the rule systems for using language. Chomsky proposes that this universal grammar is an innate property of the human mind. This component explains the ability to learn language. The nativist perspetive encouages teachers to use a curriculum that will provide extensive opportunities for children to explore language and engage in hypothesis testing of their developing knowledge of language. A wide range of children's literture should be read to children so they can develope the test hypothesis language is used to communicate. ( pg  27-30 Otto Language Development in Early Childhood)

Interactionist Perspective

Bahaviorist Perspective

Nativist Perspective

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