Physical description

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Physical description by Mind Map: Physical description

1. Hair

1.1. Hair lenght

1.1.1. Short He has got short hair.

1.1.2. Long She has got long hair.

1.1.3. Shoulder length They have got shoulder lengt hair.

1.2. Hair shape

1.2.1. straight He has got straight hair.

1.2.2. curly She has got curly hair.

1.2.3. wavy They have got wavy hair.

1.3. Hair colour

1.3.1. blond He has got blond hair.

1.3.2. white she has got white hair.

1.3.3. brown They have got brown hair.

1.3.4. black Rihanna has got black hair

1.3.5. red Ed Sheeran has got red hair.

2. eyes

2.1. eye size

2.1.1. small He has got small eyes.

2.1.2. big She has got big eyes.

2.2. eye colour

2.2.1. blue He has got blue eyes.

2.2.2. brown She has got brown eyes.

2.2.3. green They have got green eyes.