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Natural Disaster by Mind Map: Natural Disaster
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Natural Disaster

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Natural Disaster Plan Purpose: Designed to provide a firm basses for designing a Disaster plan for a natural disaster.Particularly suitable for domestic or small business use. ___________________________________________________________ First step is to customise it for the organisation and then save as a User template for future use. In areas prone to natural disaster (e.g. Bush Fire areas) it is suggested that you consult local emergency services web sites.

Identify the types of hazards pertinent to your situation

Bush Fire



Storm Surge



Develop What-If Strategy for each Hazard

Plan Emergency Supplies and Equipment


First Aid Kit

Battery Backup Lighting

Plan Data Recovery


List People in-charge of Emergency and their Roles

List Contacts for Emergencies


Locate Safe Areas

Determine Escape Routes

Plan Evacuation

Business Protection

Plan Equipment Replacement

Check insurance coverage

Plan Location Alternatives

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