food wastage

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food wastage by Mind Map: food wastage

1. people whom takes food for granted , example, many people from second world countries. most of the people from third world countries don’t take food for granted ,they have a shortage of food , therefore , people starve to death . as a result , majority of the people in second world countries wastes food .

1.1. Food courts when people cannot finish their food , the Cleaners will just clear them away the people should tell the stall vendors to give them less rice if they cannot finish their food

2. why is it a problem?

2.1. - Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, and the value of this wasted food is worth over $1 trillion.

2.1.1. - it will lead global problem there will be not enough space is samakau island if there is too much food wastage

3. how can we visually show the impact food waste has ?

3.1. the samakau landfill will be filled after years later than there will be no place for the people to put the food waste

3.1.1. we should raise the awareness of food wastage by giving flyers and telling them what will happen if u waste food and tell them ways to Ensure that they won’t waste food the food court vendors should ask them if they food they ordered is too much example Too much rice as some people are too shy to ask them for lesser rice and they will cause food wastage

4. who wastes food ?

5. done by Pamela Sim (30)and Angel Ng ( 3)