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Vishnu by Mind Map: Vishnu

1. Visual figure

1.1. Four arms

1.1.1. First arm, discus: slices enemies of goodeness in two or the spinning of the universe which he controls

1.1.2. Second arm, golden baton: to flatten human egos

1.1.3. Third arm, conch shell (Shankha): represents Om, first sound of creation

1.1.4. Fourth arm, lotus: purity in fourth hand

1.2. garuda

1.2.1. the kite that vishnu and his consort ride on that symbolizes sky and sun.

1.3. Eyes

1.3.1. Left eye dark: symbolizes night

1.3.2. Right eye light: symbolizes day

1.4. Sun emerges from mouth

1.4.1. Gives yellow color to gown

1.4.2. Causes there to be two rainbows on his sides

1.5. Blue skin

1.5.1. color of divinity and infinity

2. 10 Avatars-Reincarnations of Vishnu

2.1. Fish Incarnation: Matsya

2.1.1. First incarnation

2.2. Turtle incarnation: Kurma

2.2.1. Second incarnation

2.3. Boar incarnation: Varaha

2.3.1. third Incarnation

2.4. Lion incarnation: Narasingha

2.4.1. Fourth incarnation

2.5. Dwarf incarnation: Vamana

2.5.1. Fifth incarnation

2.6. Dwarf Incarnation: Vanama

2.6.1. Sixth Incarnation

2.7. Parash Rama

2.7.1. seventh iNcarnation

2.8. Rama

2.8.1. eighth Incarnation

2.9. Krishna

2.9.1. Ninth Incarnation

2.10. Buddha

2.10.1. Tenth Incarnation

2.10.2. Buddhism

3. bibliography

4. Basic Info

4.1. Preserver of the Universe

4.2. Represents Goodness and mercy

4.3. From Sanskrit root "vish"- to pervade

4.4. consort- Lakshmi

4.4.1. Goddess of wealth and fortune

4.4.2. She appeared with Vishnu in all of is incarnations

4.5. He has one thousand names whose repetition is said to bring good merit

5. Vishnavas

5.1. Devoted to Vishnu and his avatars specifically Krishna and Rama

5.2. They believe that God has six special qualities.

5.2.1. All knowledge

5.2.2. All power

5.2.3. Supreme majesty

5.2.4. Supreme Strength

5.2.5. Unlimited energy

5.2.6. Total self sufficiency

5.3. Their goal is to escape from the cycle of life and death in order to enjoy the presence of Vishnu.

6. How Vishnu is viewed

6.1. Considered cheif God in Hindu Religion

6.2. Eternal and universal spirit

6.3. Aryan conquers of India