Multicultural education in Norway

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Multicultural education in Norway by Mind Map: Multicultural education in Norway

1. Why norway

1.1. Different from US

1.1.1. Mostly homogenous population

1.1.2. Large increase in "non western" immigration in recent years

1.2. Has goal of becoming "worlds most inclusive society"


1.3. Strong public education system

1.3.1. "enhetsskolen" (Comprehensive school) Since 1936 Right to education and obligation to attend

1.3.2. Profit schools not legal Public system must cater for all

1.4. NFL

1.4.1. Norwegian as a Foreign Language

2. Research

2.1. What is multicultiral education?

2.1.1. Percieved

2.1.2. Reality

2.2. Is there a "Norwegian" approach?

2.2.1. If so, how is it different?

2.2.2. Is there a need for one?

2.3. What is the "normal" approach?

3. Multicultural

3.1. Population/Student body

3.2. Multilingual