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Green Thumb by Mind Map: Green Thumb

1. Title Screen

1.1. Customer Experiences

1.2. User Icon

1.2.1. Sign In Forgot Password Reset Email Authenticated Menu Screen

1.2.2. Sign Up Confirm Email

2. Menu Screen

2.1. Home

2.2. Weather

2.2.1. Local Weather Report

2.2.2. Weekly Weather Predictions

2.2.3. Regional Weather Assessments Sahel and Sudan Southern-Central Africa and Madagascar Central Gulf of Guinea countries and Tanzania East and West Gulf of Guinea Central-west Africa Southern Africa Horn of Africa and Kenya Great Lakes Countries

2.3. Market Prices

2.3.1. Wheat

2.3.2. Meat

2.3.3. Milk

2.3.4. Maize

2.4. Climate Data

2.4.1. Raw Data Maps Rainfall Annual Monthly Temperature Annual Monthly Sunshine Fraction Annual Monthly

2.5. Educational Reosurces

2.5.1. Humid

2.5.2. Subhumid

2.5.3. Highland

2.5.4. Semi-arid

2.5.5. Arid