Question Words

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Question Words by Mind Map: Question Words

1. What

1.1. É a mais genérica, pois pode ser utilizada das mais diversas maneiras.

1.1.1. What time is it? What is your name? What is your favorite food? What do you need to do now?

2. Where

2.1. É usado para de referir a lugar (onde)

2.1.1. Where do you live? Where are you from? Where is the book? Where do you do?

3. When

3.1. Relacionado ao tempo (quando)

3.1.1. When is your birthday? When are you going there? When will you come back? When did you go there?

4. Who

4.1. Pessoa (quem)

4.1.1. Who do you play piano with? Who is she? Who come into my room? Who are you?

5. Wich

5.1. Escolha (qual) ex: esse ou aquele

5.1.1. Which one do you want black or white cup?