Compound word, blends and phrasal word

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Compound word, blends and phrasal word by Mind Map: Compound word, blends and phrasal word

1. Preposition--adjective(PA): underfull

2. 6.4:Compound nouns

2.1. Verb--Noun(VN): playtime

2.2. Noun--noun(NN): butterfly

2.3. Adjective--noun(AN): greenstone

2.4. Perposition--noun(PN): outpost

3. 6.3: Compound Adjectives

3.1. Noun--Adjectives (NA):sky-high

3.2. Adjective--adjective (AA): grey-green

4. 6.1 comounds such as “blackboard “ without space the stress on the first part.

4.1. Pharasal words such as “black board “ with space the stress on the second part

5. 6.2 Compound verbs

5.1. Verb - verb : stir fry

5.2. Noun-verb : hand wash

5.3. Adjective-verb: dry clean

5.4. Preposition-verb: outrun

6. 6.6:•Blends: A kind of compound where at least one component is reproduced only partially. extre

6.1. We call them Partial blends where only one component is truncated. e.g cheeseburger

6.2. The most extreme kind of truncation that a component of a blend can undergo is reduction to just one sound or letter, usually the first. Blends made up of initial letters are known as Acronyms.

7. 6.7 : *Combining forms: compounds that are made up of bound roots. *You can determine the meaning of the words from their parts.

8. 6.8: Phrasal words is words function as one word but their structure as clause or a phrase. Example:They jumped up and down like Jack-in-the-boxes.