Information Processing Theory

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Information Processing Theory by Mind Map: Information Processing Theory

1. Sensory Memory System

1.1. Information is acquired through the senses

1.2. Sensory memories captures our attention

1.3. Large capacity

1.4. Memory can last up to three seconds

1.5. a kinesthetic sensation is a feeling such as temperature

1.6. a visual sensation could form an image of the memory

1.7. the interpretation of stimulus through the use of senses

2. Working Memory System

2.1. Central Executive

2.1.1. drives the whole memory system

2.1.2. allocated data to subsystems

2.1.3. cognitive tasks

2.1.4. mental-arithmetic

2.2. Visuospatial Sketchpad

2.2.1. stores and processes information in a visual form

2.2.2. Navigator

2.3. Phonological Loop

2.3.1. deals with spoken and written material

2.3.2. remember information such as a phone number

2.4. this lasts between 5-20 seconds

2.5. repeating information

2.6. connecting information being processed to existing knowledge

3. Long-Term Memory System

3.1. Procedural Memory

3.1.1. responsible for knowing how to do things

3.1.2. memory of motor skills

3.1.3. does not involve conscious thought

3.1.4. e.g. riding a bicycle

3.2. Semantic Memory

3.2.1. responsible for storing information about the world

3.2.2. includes knowledge about the meaning of words and general knowledge

3.2.3. is conscious thought

3.2.4. e.g. ACT is the capital of Australia

3.3. Episodic Memory

3.4. unlimited capacity