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Books that older boys will enjoy to read. by Mind Map: Books that older boys will enjoy to read.
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Books that older boys will enjoy to read.

Spies and Villians

The Cherub Books: Robert Muchamore

Real Life

Malorie Blackman

Sophie McKenzie

War Books

Chris Ryan


There are numerous historical based stories for the modern day teen. These range from stories based in the Ancient lands of Greece, Egypt, and Rome to the more sinister events of Nazi Germany. Whatever aspect of history your teenage boy is into, there is bound to be a rollicking adventure to match it. And some of these books are series based. Truthfully, I have found them to be addictive. And so will he!!! So this could be the doorway into a literary future.

Ancient Greece

Irish Mythology

Ancient Romans

Modern History

Ancient Egypt


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

How to train a Dragon and other Hiccup Books.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This is a trailer for the film made of the Hitchhiker books by Douglas Adams. The film was meant to encompass the first 3 books but real hitchhiker fans are not big fans of this movie. The trailer does give a good idea of the offbeat  humour in this series.

Horrid Henry

Magic and Mayhem

The Alchemist : Michael Scott

Eragon Trilogy:

Witch and Wizard series: James Patterson

Modern Adventure: Sci-Fi

Suzanne Collins

Patrick Ness

Micheal Grant

Non- Fiction: Easy Reads

Guinness Book of Records

Anything with 'Top Gear' in the title.

Rippley's Believe it or Not